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Data Recovery

Virus Removal

Computer service and repair

Our computer maintenance, repair and update services are distinguished by years of experience, the constant training of our technical team and the approach with the component manufacturers of the most prestigious brands.

Learn about Our Support and Repair Process

We visit you

We know what's an inconvenience to take our devices or computer for review. That's why we can take care of you at home or office or remotely.

We repair it

We review, diagnose and repair your device or computer, and in addition, we offer you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.!

Guaranteed satisfaction

We deliver in a timely way, recover your device or computer. Everything's fine and settled! We're sure you'll love the result!

Comprehensive maintenance for your computer

Review and Diagnosis

It consists of physical inspection, component and software tests to determine the problem and propose the solution.

Information Backup

The most important thing is the information, we back it up safely even if your computer does not turn on.

SSD Installation

A solid state drive (SSD) significantly increases the speed of your computer.

Operating System

We always install the version of the operating system that guarantees the best performance of your computer.

Recover of Information

If you have lost files because you accidentally deleted them or your hard drive was damaged, we help you recover them.

Hardware Cleaning

We carry out a deep cleaning to the components of your computer to maintain its correct functioning.

Software Update

We know the importance of updated software, we avoid security risks and loss of information.

RAM Increase

We update your computer’s RAM to increase its performance against more demanding programs.

Performance Increase

We strategically determine the components to integrate into your computer to increase its performance.

Solutions in software and hardware problems such as: Reinstalling programs, Repowering your laptop, Your laptop does not turn on or off, Your laptop generates noise. Replacement of keyboards or screens. And everything related to your laptop .

Solutions to software and hardware problems such as: Preventive or corrective maintenance. Repower or upgrade. Retrieval of information. Connection problems. It does not turn on or does not give an image. It’s noisy. Everything related to your desktop pc.

We evaluate, diagnose and repair any problem with your computer without you having to leave your home.

We connect through an application to your computer, one of our technicians will assist you until the problem is solved. Free remote diagnostics.